A couple of ultra-masculine male friends of mine in their 30s went to see Les Mis.  The classic story combining the history of France and the architecture of Paris with politics, justice, religion, and love.

In other words, a chick flick.

I was somewhat relieved to find there is some emotional male component, when both of them freely admitted on Facebook that they cried.  They cried REAL TEARS at the movie.  What I would've given to see that.

But I can live vicariously through this video, when a loving, caring, appreciative young man decides to video his parents absolutely falling apart, crippled with emotional turmoil, after they left the theater.

And it goes viral in 3, 2,........

All this week, I'm giving you a chance to win tickets to see Les Miserables.  When you win, just be sure your kid doesn't go with you and video your reaction.