Before you yell at me, yes, we're also acknowledging National Hot Dog Day.

And also, before you yell at me again, yes, we know National Fortune Cookie Day is also often associated with dates in September (as well as a handful of other dates in July).

That being said, we've paid homage today to the fun that is the fortune cookie!

For the grownups (a group none of us should be part of), we all may have played the "in bed" portion of reading the fortune...meaning, you crack open the cookie, read the fortune, and say "in bed" afterward.

Like if you got this....

UIG via Getty Images'd read "You will come to realizations in your life that change you forever, in bed."

We got a bowl and had a bunch of different occasions (other than "in bed") in them, and we read the fortune with whatever we drew from the bowl!

Tony P and I did a little recap....