Many people around the world are unable to receive all of the help they need to live and survive.

But, here's a story that shows how good man kind can be to one another and one way that YOU can lend a helping hand:

As one person it might be hard to change the world, but you can certainly change the world for one person...Cecilia, 5 years old, is being supported through Point Hope's sponsorship program by a woman named Carolyn. Carolyn emails us letters to take to Cecilia in Ghana, West Africa. Cecilia writes her back and draws beautiful pictures for her.

Recently, Carolyn sent a box of little toys and gifts for Cecilia that Jan, the executive director of Point Hope, will deliver on her upcoming trip to Ghana. Carolyn is one person who is improving the life of a child! Not only that, these two pen pals are communicating and building a lasting relationship through our amazing program.

For more information about Point Hope's sponsorship program, email us at For just $37, you can send a child to school for one month; $60 provides three hot meals a day for an entire month. Carolyn actually sponsors Cecilia for $105 a month, which covers school, feeding, and healthcare for this precious girl. Won't you consider taking on your own pen pal and sponsoring a child for the amount that you are able? Be the difference, the change, the growth opportunity for one child...and see how it changes you too.

Have a wonderful week!

~ Delilah

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Rachel Specht contributed to this post