Lindsay Lohan is probably thanking the stars above for Charlie Sheen!  Finally someone who's a bigger screw-up than she is... or at least capturing the headlines for now!  So what's Charlie up to now...  he's "telling all"... 

Sheen is opening up on all the controversy surrounding his personal and professional life.  The "Two and a Half Men" star talks to ABC News' Andrew Canning in a special one-hour edition of "20/20" set to air tomorrow night.  CBS announced Thursday night that it had canceled the rest of the season of the actor's sitcom after Sheen's scathing rant against the network's bosses and sitcom creator Chuck Lorre on the nationally syndicated radio program "The Alex Jones Show."  The decision to suspend the series came just days before Sheen was scheduled to return to work this week following a month-long hiatus due to his treatment in an at-home rehab program. 

Meantime, Sheen says he's writing a tell-all book about his life on the set of his top-rated sitcom, and publishers who want it better be prepared to dig deep.  The actor tells that he wants at least ten-million-dollars for publishing rights, promising he'll hold nothing back.

So what do you think?  Tired of Charlie yet?  Would you buy the book? 

Courtesy of Metro Source