The Charlie Sheen Roast and Two and a Half Men (Season Premier)...I watched both. The roast was definately funnier.

Was it because not enough time has gone by since Charlie's "passing", was it that Ashton Kutcher just seemed out of place on 'Men', or was it that the first 15 minutes seemed downright mean. Everyone just seemed "ill at ease", or maybe I was ill at ease watching.

There were plenty of guests stars on both...on 'Men' Jeri Ryan, Tricia Helfer, Jenny McCarthy, Jenna Elfman and Thomas Gibson (as Dharma and Greg), and on the Roast...
William Shatner, Jon Lovitz, Jeffrey Ross, Amy Schumer, and Seth McFarland.

But the roast was not as mean spirited, and Charlie was there to "defend" himself. There were a few barbs thrown at Kutcher during the roast. William Shatner on Kutcher..."I went to high school with his wife".

I am willing to give Ashton Kutcher a chance (as long as he is not naked every week), but Chuck Lorre and Company have a long way to go, in my opinion, before Two and a Half Men "measures up".