While we've all been poking fun at Charlie Sheen, his bizarre behavior is making him money - with the help of "Twitter"...  

We can laugh all we want, but Sheen has figured out that "Twitter" is potentially a "cash cow."  The newly unemployed actor says he is quickly replenishing his fortune through advertising on Twitter.  It's a concept stars like Kim Kardashian are already aware of.  Kardashian reportedly makes ten-thousand-dollars every time she tweets.  And with Sheen's one-million-strong Twitter following, he's quickly becoming a "winner" with advertisers.  The owner of Broguiere's Dairy in California can attest to that.  Ray Broguiere told TMZ that his phone has been ringing off the hook with inquiries ever since the actor posted a picture of himself holding a bottle of Broguiere's chocolate milk.

So laugh...  feel sorry for him... or whatever, but this guy just never seems to lose!  Joe wants to ask him to coach the Bills.  Seriously though, why do we care?   Is he living the life we all would want too -- hardly works, parties a lot  and says whatever he really wants?  Will anyone ever just say "Sorry Charlie?" 

Courtesy of Metro Source