We've all heard about people in relationships becoming infuriated when they discover their spouse is cheating. Sometimes they become angry enough to attack that spouse physically. But how about a case where a man was stabbed with a kitchen knife when his girlfriend realized he was cheating - at Monopoly?

It took place in New Mexico on Wednesday. Laura Chavez had gotten into what she thought was a friendly game with her grandson, and her boyfriend, Clyde "Butch" Smith. At some point, Chavez became convinced that Smith wasn't playing the iconic board game by the rules.

She immediately sent her grandson to bed, then slammed a glass bottle on Smith's head, followed by stabbing him several times with a kitchen knife. Smith's injuries weren't believed to be life-threatening, and he was last reported in stable condition.

When police arrived to arrest Chavez, she was hiding under her front porch. She immediately confessed [you can find her brief statement here ]. Police noted that both Chavez and Smith appeared to be heavily intoxicated [Really...] How exactly Smith was cheating remains uncertain.