I recently decided to start a new hobby to pass time. I will admit that at first when this was starting to become trendy I made fun of it. I thought what adult could possibly justify this as a adult hobby. I still think some kids could do it, but I will say it's challenging and takes up a lot of time if you are bored.


Yes I'm talking about adult coloring. If you don't know what adult coloring is, it's basically just a coloring book for adults where the patterns to color in our more difficult compared to a children's coloring book.


Laura Daniels does it... Justin Bieber does it... and now I, Eric Jordan do it. I was in the book store the other day when I saw this book, and I was sold. I had to start adult coloring. They sell many different themed books for you to choose from. I chose this.

Disney Villains: 100 Images to Inspire. The pages to color in this book are very advanced... for me at least. I'm hoping I will gain a real interest in this, considering I spent $45 between the book and the colored pencils.

Do you Adult Color? Comment below.