Uncle Abe, Honest Abe, Abe the Babe? What do you think?

Credit: DNAinfo.com

A 13-foot-tall bronze statue of our 16th American president has social media swooning.  For some reason, in the heat of a Chicago summer, what many Chicagoans call "Hot Lincoln" is getting national buzz.  The statue, installed in 1997, shows a Lincoln more in line with a lean Hugh Jackson, Hubba, Hubba!  Check out the details here.

But, I am thinking our Abe is just as handsome at 199 Lincoln Parkway, Buffalo.  He is gorgeous right?  

And what about our stately Abe Lincoln in front of the Historical Museum? Plus, remember we have Grover...

Credit: PresidentsUSA.net

...and Teddy too, some manly men, hanging out, right here in Buffalo

Credit: PresidentsUSA.net

And in a pinch, David awaits you in Delaware Park, totally swoonable! :)