Chelsea Handler should learn the first rule in friendship, CONFIDENTIALITY. A true friend knows how to keep her mouth shut !! I wonder what went through her mind airing her BFF'S  business to a crowd of people that she didn't even know. According to our friends at Chelsea Handler's rant against Angelina Jolie during a stand-up gig last weekend has caused a very unexpected person to take Angelina's side: Jennifer Aniston !  Jen is "furious" that her new BFF, Chelsea Handler, aired her nasty feelings about Angelina to an audience!

Jennifer Aniston and Chelsea Handler have been paling around big-time lately, but we can be pretty sure Chelsea won't have to worry about being seen next to Jen in a bikini anymore. Turns out Jennifer Aniston is really upset that Chelsea brought up the inside topic of Angelina Jolie to the public in this weekend's stand-up act in New Jersey. Chelsea dropped the F-bomb, the C-slam and the B-word in reference to Angelina Jolie, calling her a "homewrecker" who has no friends.  Angelina may be all that is listed above , but she herself committed a major NO NO.

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