We're closing out an era here at the Hagen household. My daughter, Jenna, and her girlfriends attended the "8th Grade Dinner Dance" this weekend as they wrap up classes and exams at Lancaster Middle School over the the next couple of weeks. In September, they'll be freshman at Lancaster High School. I can't help but feel the transition is somewhat bittersweet.

Jenna's two years at Lancaster Middle School are filled with memories, some happy and some not so. She started 7th grade trying out for volleyball, but didn't make the cut. That happened again later when she tried for cheerleading and basketball.

Jenna did make the high honor roll though, again and again straight through the 8th grade. Those grades though came with a price, as she spent hours studying after school.

Jenna tried out and made the Middle School Girls Lacrosse team in both the 7th and 8th grades. In 8th grade, She was named a co-captain, scoring the 2nd most goals on the team. At the end of this season, her coach selected Jenna for the Sportsmanship Award.

Jenna belonged to Student Council both years. In 7th grade, she was one of a handful of kids on Student Council that made a trip to Washington D.C.

She studied Spanish, and this year her teacher took a group of kids to New York City where they toured the sites including a Spanish museum, Spanish restaurant and the United Nations.

There were many new friends made, dances and other fun events over the last two years. There was also the tragic loss of a classmate. 14-year-old Bruce Buchholz was killed last month by a drunk driver while riding his bicycle home from a school concert. Bryce's death overwhelmed students at Lancaster Middle, hundreds turned up to pay their last respects and say good-bye. Bryce's memory seems to live on in everything the kids do, wearing t-shirts and wristbands in his memory among other things.

It feels like time has passed so quickly since her first day of preschool and kindergarten. High School begins in September, and I know graduation day will be here before I'm ready to let go. If anything, we've learned to cherish the here and now - because tomorrow is coming so quickly and you never really know what's just around the corner.