It's official, my daughter is out of school for the summer and my son finishes up today! I love summer break! No more lunches to make! No more running back to school for the book they left in the locker! No more homework I can't figure out! No more last minute laundry loads late at night for those jeans the kids just have to wear the next day! Looking ahead, I've decided to make my own "not bummer summer bucket list" to hopefully help me keep the good times rolling at home!

1. Play more. Really, I am going to put down the Windex, put away the vacuum and worry less about cleaning and just go out and have a little more fun with family and friends!

2. Eat ice cream. Ice cream makes me fat, but you know what I am going to enjoy every bite of it this summer guilt-free!

3. Entertain family and friends. I think we're pretty good at this. We do it a lot, especially in the summer. We're going to do it again!

4. Make new friends, but don't forget the old ones. Yes, we could use a few new friends these days. We've met some great folks on my son's new baseball team, so that's a good start! We've also got a few friends who've stuck by us through thick and thin, and they're not going to shake us now!

5. Try something new. I'm not sure what yet. It may be a thrill ride I wouldn't generally try, or a new drink. I don't know yet but I will, try some new things this summer!

6. Stop nagging. I think I've been a bit naggy at home with my husband and the kids lately. I think it's time to just let things go, stop feeling as though I've got to take on the world and just let the world take care of itself. (Yes, I'll still make dinner.)

7. Forget about cleaning out the garage. Every year, we say we are going to clean the garage. It's already late June. I am going to forget it.

8. Get a green thumb. Every flower I have ever planted dies. This year, with all the spring rain we had, my hanging baskets are thriving. I will remember to water them! They will last the summer!

9. Enjoy rainy days! You know the old saying, "learn to dance in the rain." I'm not a good dancer, but no one will be watching anyway - it's raining!

10.  Find a hammock at least once this summer to take a nap on!

11.  Be more spontaneous.  Planning is good, but sometime you just have to fly by the seat of your pants!

12.  Kiss and hug my family everyday!  My husband, my kids, my mom and dad and the rest of the family every chance I get.  These are really the best of times!  I hope you all have a great summer!