Officially, Summer doesn't end for a couple of more weeks. For my family, it ended Tuesday when the kids went back to school. No complaints though, it was a great summer!

Cheryl's Top Five Not Bummer Summer Highlights:

5.  Dog Walks:  I loved every peaceful moment of walking our dogs through the neighborhood.  We have two pups.  Our 8-year-old lab-mixed breed, Meisha, is the sweetest dog alive.  Then there's Bella, a 3-year-old chiguagua pug who loves to be front and center all the time.  It gave me a chance to get some exercise and talk to our wonderful neighbors! 

4.  Pool Parties:  Sometimes with Ryan's entire baseball team, sometimes with Jen's friends and sometimes with family.  It all started shortly after we opened the pool in May, when Ryan took a dip in the then very chilly water during a family Mother's Day gathering!  Later, there were spontaneous parties after ballgames, and of course the kids and their friends took advantage of the really warm weather we had in July.  My sister visited from Georgia at the end of July with her son, who joined us, my parents and brother's boys for a great night poolside!  Always a great time, great memories too!

3.  Grampa's Cabin:  My family loves to get together at my dad's cabin.  (It's actually my parent's cabin, but somehow it got the name "Grampa's Cabin.")  We have a lot of fun swimming, rafting, play games and just hanging out together.  We typically join my mom and dad, and brother and his family for several weekends each summer at the cabin.

2.  Our kids sports:  Jen played lacrosse and Ryan played baseball.  We really enjoy watching all of their games and love spending time with friends we make. 

1.  Cedar Point:  We took a short three day trip to Cedar Point somewhere between the end of Ryan's baseball season and the start of Jenna's cheerleading.  I really enjoyed spending time alone with my family.  We had a blast at the park (the kids love the coasters), but I just loved being together.