There are many factors in our lives that we are unable to have a choice in.

However, we are able to choose other factors that may help alter your day, whether good or bad.

We can’t choose our family and our relatives. We can’t choose how we look, how tall we are or the color of our skin. We don’t choose to have physical or mental limitations. But we can choose what to make out of our circumstances. We can choose to see our blessings. We can choose kindness. We can choose love.

We can choose joy in the troubled times in which we live. We can choose to let world events bog us down with depression, fear and despair, or we can choose to help however we can and love whomever we can and pray whenever we can.

Every day we make choices that determine the course of our day and affect those with whom we do life. Work on having a blessed attitude. Choose to have more joy in your life no matter what. And I’m going to do my best to bring a little joy into your evening if you should choose to tune in to great songs on the radio.

How do YOU add more joy to your life? Share by commenting below!

Rachel Specht contributed to this post