E.L. James announced on September 2 who had been cast as Christian Grey and Anastasia Steele for the new Fifty Shades of Grey movie, set to come out sometime next year, but lots of people are not happy!!

Here is who has been cast as Christian and Anastasia:

Charlie Hunnam & Dakota Johnson (Getty)

Charlie Hunnam plays Jackson 'Jax' Teller in the show Sons of Anarchy, and Dakota Johnson is the daughter of Don Johnson and Melanie Griffith and played Kate on the short-lived series Ben and Kate. After the announcement, a petition was put up at Change.org, and it's already received over 17,000 signatures in two days.

So who do the 'Fifty Shades' fans want for Christian and Anastasia?

Matt Bomer & Alexis Bledel (Getty)

I personally would much rather see Matt Bomer as Christian myself, but that's because I think he's a great actor and gorgeous. I don't know enough about Johnson to know whether or not she would play a better Anastasia than Alexis Bledel. The petition basically says that Bomer "is the perfect description of Christian" and Bledel "is the perfect actress" to play Anastasia.

For those 'Fifty Shades' fans that are upset because Johnson is a blonde, she had brown hair at one point:

Dakota Johnson (Getty)

I don't know if that helps her case, but you can read more about the story below and sign the petition if you like!