When it comes to gift-giving, we all know that "it's the thought that counts". But, if you have decided that someone on your shopping list deserves that expensive item this year, don't spend extra money on an additional "small" gift. A new study says it brings down the value of your larger gift.

The research says that, while gift-givers think that adding more items adds value to the gift experience, gift receivers have a tendency to average out the value of multiple gifts. For instance, researchers at the University of Michigan discovered that shoppers, when given the choice, would give someone an iPod with a case and one song downloaded onto it. They believe that the song added value to the gift. But recipients, when asked their preference, said they would prefer the iPod and case, without the song.

Study co-authorNorbert Schwarz says that, if you must  give smaller gifts with a large one, you'll get the most bang for your holiday bucks by spreading out the giving over several days.

Better yet, you might want to save the cost of the add-on gift, and get yourself a little something. After all, Science says the person you'd buy it for just wouldn't appreciate it.