I admit, I love Christmas light displays. I especially like those that have a theme. Here is one I found that could actually be left up all year long. It pays tribute to our men and women in uniform serving and protecting our freedom.

This is one you will want to share with someone you know who is or was in the Armed Forces. A great way to say "Merry Christmas" to a Veteran.

I also encourage you to check out www.SemperFiFund.org which posted this Youtube video. They remind us that since 1775 1.3 million Americans have made the ultimate sacrifice to ensure our freedom.

By the way you will find this display in Tallahassee, Florida home of Derek and Courtney Whitis. Their patriotic display in the 3600 block of Mossy Creek Lane has more than 100,000 LED lights. You can read more by clicking here.