Whether or not you're a fan of action movie/TV icon Chuck Norris, it's hard to ignore the mythology that's grown up around him. His image shows up when someone wants to show "toughness", his martial arts skills are still reputed to be among the best in the world [though he'll turn 72 on Saturday], and an alleged one million "facts" about his legendary Paul Bunyan-esque "feats" are  circulating across the Internet!

Even his digital image is stronger than others:


Maybe a stronger challenger should take on Chuck:


So what's the latest for Mr. Norris? Besides the infomercials for his exercise equipment, word from Slovakia that a bridge may be named in his honor. The structure would transport pedestrians and bicyclists from the small village of Devinska to neighboring Austria. Based on a vote in the area, Norris has an overwhelming lead over historic Austria-Hungary Empire empress Maria Teresa and Devinska {you might have thought about Dominik Hasek, but he's actually from the neighboring Czech Republic]. Final results will be announced next month, and the district governor says he'll abide by the people's choice.

If Norris wins, will he attend the naming ceremony? No word yet, but his calendar looks open...