Bill's fans will be pouring into the lots at Ralph Wilson Stadium this Sunday and the smoke will be rising from the thousands of grills at the numerous tail gate parties. Walk around the parking lots and you'll see some pretty elaborate parties going on. I've even seen some with big screen TVs watching the pregame shows.

Here are the top five food items I like to have at our tail gate parties.

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    I get to the parking lot as soon as the gates open. So I want breakfast. And yes, I like to grill spam. First I grill an English muffin, then grill the spam, place on the muffin and a fried egg over easy with American cheese. Fantastic!

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    Fruit on a stick

    My wife cuts up fresh fruit, like melon, pineapple, kiwi, and puts it on a wooden skewer for easy eating. It’s amazing how fresh fruit goes with beer! I've actually had strangers come over to our tail gate party and ask for some fruit! Yes, we give them some.

    Flickr/Sifu Renka
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    Beef on Weck

    Nothing tricky here. But don’t buy cheap roast beef, get the good stuff. And ask for the au jus, it’s free! Order your weck rolls ahead of time at Tops and pick them up on game day. Then just simmer your beef in the au jus. Make sure you buy some kick butt horse radish. There is nothing worse than the wimpy stuff. If it doesn't shoot up you nose and bring tears to your eyes, forget it.

    Flickr by andynash
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    Italian sausage with peppers and onions

    There are two ways to do this. The first is the usual way. Get your favorite sausage; I like the Italian chicken sausage at Dash’s market. Grill it up in the lot and sauté some peppers and onions. The second way is to bake the sausage in the oven the night before in crushed tomatoes. Then refrigerate. On game day all you have to do is warm it up!

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    Chili in a bread bowl:

    Take my wife’s outstanding home made chili. Stop by Panera Bread and purchase some home made bread bowls. I would call in your order a few days before the game time so they’re ready to go. Heat your chili up and spoon in the bread bowls. Yum!