BBQ-ing is a real passion of mine. One of the important elements is the sauce! There are so many to choose from at your local supermarket it’s tough to make up your mind! I’ll help you sort through them with a few personal picks!

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    Chiavetta’s Barbeque Marinade is a local legend. Who hasn’t been to an event where Chiavetta’s chicken was the main attraction? In business since 1958, it used to be the sauce was only available at the event. Now you can grab it in your local supermarket! Than goodness! Apply generously to your favorite cut of chicken!

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    Sweet Baby Ray's

    Sweet Baby Ray’s is an outstanding commercial BBQ sauce available at your local market. Invented in Chicago in 1985 by Chef Larry at the Mike Royko rib off. They took it to the streets selling it to Mom & Pop groceries in Chicago. Now it’s so popular it’s available nationwide. My favorite for just grabbing the bottle out of the fridge and using it on burgers, French fries, anything!

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    Famous Dave's

    Stop by Famous Dave’s on Walden avenue and step into BBQ sauce heaven. Dave’s has ten varieties. Ranging from Rich and Sassy, to Devil’s spit! Get an order of fry’s and tell them you want to sample all ten. Dip your fry’s and decide which one is your favorite. Of course you can take a bottle home, or order on line!

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    Brooks BBQ Sauce

    Brooks BBQ Sauce. I first discovered this sauce in eastern New York in 1977. Brooks House of BBQ is a restaurant in Oneonta, NY with a 38 foot long BBQ pit. They turn out the best roast beef I’ve ever had. But the best part is their incredible sauce. Perfect on all kinds of beef. It’s about a five hour car ride to the restaurant from Buffalo, but the good news is you can order it on line at

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    Wil's BBQ Sauce

    Wils’s BBQ Sauce. You may not know there is a local place in Buffalo at the corner of Russell and Parkside right across from the Zoo called Wil’s. Specializing in BBQ and catering, plus their own sauce! The aroma is incredible on a warm summer day!