Ever since the television was invented people have had a fascination with cop dramas. From "The Untouchables" and "Drag Net" to today's modern cop shows, the viewing public eats up these shows as fast as Hollywood can churn them out. here are some of my favorites:

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    Created in 2000, I remember the first time I watched this show. My daughter was a big fan and said Dad you need to watch this. The graphic scenes of human remains in a car trunk took me by surprise, but for some reason you keep watching.

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    Created in 2000. Tony Shalhoub as Adrian Monk is brilliant. When this show debuted it was a don’t miss for me. I enjoy every moment of his obsessive compulsive behavior!

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    The Shield

    On the air from 2002-2008, it took a totally different twist with the cops being the bad guys. It featured a group of detectives known as the "Strike Team" that brought justice to the streets. In the end these guys weren't so bad after all.

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    What always amazed me about this show is all the abbreviations! NCIS stands for Naval Criminal Investigative Service. The actors were on the Major Case Response Team or MCRT!  Hey I think it saved Mark Harmon’s career!

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    You need Showtime to watch this one. A break through plot with the police enlisting the aid of a serial killer to help them solve crimes.

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    Cagney & Lacey

    Maybe not the best of cop shows, but this cop show from the 80’s broke real ground when they featured two women as police detectives.

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    NYPD Blue

    On the air from 1993-2005, who can forget the first episode that many local TV affiliates would not air because of partial nudity.

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    Hill Street Blues

    The predecessor to NYPD Blue. The first cop drama that showed the human side of the job. It was brilliant and I never missed it. And the theme song was a huge hit record played on radio stations everywhere!

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    Not really a drama but I put this at number two because it’s real life. You get a real perspective of an officer’s life on the street. And the criminals are ridiculous!

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    Law and Order

    Still the best. But what hooked me in was actor Jerry Orbach. Jerry was detective Lennie Briscoe on the show from 1992-2004. A good cop, but a man with many short comings. He was never afraid to show them. Jerry was brilliant in this role. There was only one Lennie Briscoe!