I'd be willing to bet that almost everybody who went to high school has at least one "horror" story to tell. Maybe s/he was made fun of, or fell during some important event [which would lead to fears of being made fun of]. Almost nobody comes through unscathed. But there are times that the young surprise us with their kindness and geneorosity.The teenager in the wheelchair above is Alexis Hanford. During the summer, the Maryland native was on vacation in California. While there, she was infected by the notorious flesh-eating bacteria. It took 17 surgeries, but doctors were finally able to control the spread of the deadly illness. The proceedures were so severe that the 16-year-old Hanford will be required to re-learn walking and other everyday activities.Ironically, Hanford was a gifted athlete at Walt Whitman High School and hopes to regain at least some of her active lifestyle.

ABC-TV told her story recently:

So the next time someone points out how worrisome our teenagers are turning out, just mention the act of kindness one school did for a classmate.