Piers Morgan inaugurated his CNN series on Monday by interviewing Oprah Winfrey, a woman he calls "America's Queen."  In a conversation dotted with "insider's" humor, Oprah -- one of the world's most celebrated interviewers -- became the interviewee on "Piers Morgan Tonight," talking about her relationships and her past. At one point, Oprah admitted to Morgan that she contemplated suicide at age 14 while hiding an illegitimate pregnancy from her father.  Oprah revealed that her fears as a teen and the eventual loss of the baby she was carrying have since allowed her to feel empathy for young women in similar situations. 

In the broadcast's lighter moments, the media mogul told Morgan that she sees her personal brand as "love."  On the topic of love, Winfrey said her longtime companion Stedman Graham is comfortable with the lifestyle that accompanies her career.  As to marriage, Oprah explained that it's not for her, saying she'd rather throw a party for friends than host a wedding.  Morgan said he sees Graham as a counterpart to English monarch Prince Philip, the husband of Queen Elizabeth the Second.  It was one of the several moments in the interview that Morgan referred to Winfrey as regal and as one of the United States' most powerful individuals.

Morgan is bringing his talk show to a time slot long-occupied by "Larry King Live." The 45-year-old Englishman interviewed Winfrey not live -- but in a recorded segment.  In contrast to King's signature suspenders, Morgan donned a dark suit and silk tie.  Future guests on the show include radio star Howard Stern, actor George Clooney, and rocker Rod Stewart. "Piers Morgan Tonight" airs week nights on CNN at 9:00 p.m. Eastern.

Courtesy of Metro Source