A new study has some good news for women; drinking more coffee may help reduce the risk of depression. The study, in this week's Archives of Internal Medicine, looked at over 50,000 older women taking part in the continuing Nurses'  Health Study.

The research showed that drinking two or three cups of caffinated coffee a day reduced a woman's chance of developing depression by 15 %, compared with women who drank one or less cups of caffenated coffee per week. Women who drank four or more cups a day saw their risk of developing depression reduced by 20 %! The study found that drinking decaf coffee in any amount seemed to have no effect on reducing the chance of a woman developing depression.
The researchers say they aren't sure that caffeinated coffee is the key to reducing depression in women, but believe that the results point that way. Not surprisingly, they suggest that more research is needed.
Depression is more common among women than men, affecting 1 in 5 American women at some point in their lives. Why women have more depression is unknown, but possible causes include everything from heredity to hormones. More information on women and depression is available from the National Institute of Mental Health.