They say money can't buy happiness.

But what if a tattoo could buy you money?


A real estate company in New York City is offering its employees a 15 percent raise....just for getting the company logo tattooed on their bodies.  There's no rule on how big the tat has to be, or where on your body you have to get it.

So basically, no, you don't have to get it on your forehead and have it 4" x 5" or anything.  Realistically, you could have it the size of a dime and on the bottom of your foot (though I'm assuming that could hurt a LOT).

If you think NO ONE would go for this, 40 of Anthony Lolli's employees have taken the deal....and Anthony is also covering the cost of the tattoo itself.

Would you be willing to get your company's logo tattooed on your body for a pretty sizable raise?  My answer:  ABSOLUTELY.  (Hey, a girl's gotta eat....)

<3 LD