Can you believe this technology! It's five o'clock, you are hungry, tired and have no idea what to make for dinner. Computer giant Intel and the Kraft food company have devised a kiosk that uses video analysis to scan your face and tell you what your next meal should be. The "Meal Planning Solution" scanners zoom in on a shopper's face, determining the person's gender and age. A middle aged mom might get suggestions for kid friendly mac and cheese, while a college boy would get sent to the frozen pizza aisle. A week night dinner would be more quick and hearty think steak and potatoes than a weekend luncheon with finger sandwiches and crackers. By scanning in your store loyalty card, the system can analyze your past purchases to see what you like and what your diet might be leaving out. You can even use Kraft's iFood Assistant to send recipe suggestions and shopping lists to your mobile phone. And best of all, the machine offers free samples, so you can see if you can snack on its suggestions as you shop. (Sun)