BIG congratulations are in order for January's Teacher of the Month, Sherry Perry from Harris Hill Elementary!

Ms. Perry was nominated by fourth grader Olivia Langlotz. Olivia writes:

I think my teacher deserves to be named JOY FM's teacher of the month because she makes learning fun.
For example, when she taught us about the original 13 Colonies, she taught us a song to sing to remember them. For math we are learning long division so she drew a large problem on the floor. Then we had to step on the parts of the problem and recite the which "person" it was ( mom,dad, sister, brother, and rover). Each of the family represent a operation to solve the problem.
When we had to take the State tests last year ( she was my teacher in 3rd too), she gave us mints and gum to encourage us to continue to do our best during those long tests.
For the Holiday Sing, ours was the only 4th grade class to rehearse the dance part of the Nutcracker because Mr. Lambert knew we could do it with the help of Mrs. Perry.
Mrs. Perry is very understanding if something at home is a problem. When a classmates cat died, she payed extra attention to him, and gave him a pass on the homework he did not do because he was sad.
I hope that she wins because she is a great teacher and helps us all so much!

As a small token of our appreciation, Ms. Perry received a $50 SpOt Coffee gift card and a pretty sweet Brother MFC-J430w InkJet All-In-One Wireless Printer/Scanner/Copier/Fax Machine, courtesy of Rapid Refill, for the classroom! Olivia's class was also treated to a pizza party, delivered by Southgate Pizza, for the nomination!

Thanks to all teachers who work so hard every day!