We had our cookie exchange last night at Muscoreil's Fine Desserts and Gourmet Bistro! It was a very tough decision, but congratulations to Nancy Bowen, who made Raspberry Thumbprint cookies.

Buffalo's Best Cookie Winner- Nancy Bowen (Angela Stefano)

We had 11 amazing entries, and another congratulations to Cindy Bell who won our $250 Muscoreil's gift basket! She made Toffee Crunch Butter Cookies that were delicious as well!

The Cookies

Want to get all the recipes? Visit our Recipe Exchange! Here are the other cookies that were entered last night:

Joan Pieroni- Lemon Kiss Cookies

Patty Cluckey- Lemon Snowdrops

Diane Cielinski- Torolli Cookies

The Judge's Plates

Tammy Comerate (with Mary Theresa and Joseph)- Italian Tri-Colored Cookies

Donna Handzlik- Melting Moments

Sandi and Sallie Vranjes- Miniature Lady Locks

Christmas Cut Outs

Christine Belin- Sour Cream Cutout Cookies

Mary Manning- Ice Box Cookies

Sherry Wagner- Fruitcake Cookies

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