Yes, I am Irish...  50-percent Irish.  My maiden name was Doherty...   My dad came from a large family of 12 kids...  and for us, the day just isn't complete without a serving of corned beef and cabbage!   

It's no suprise to me the traditional Irish dish is the runaway leader in a poll of favorite St. Patrick's Day food, with 64-percent saying it's what they like to eat on the holiday.   Nearly 20-percent prefer Shepherd's pie, giving a distant second place on the list.   Nine-percent enjoy munching on Irish soda bread, while three-percent are fond of the mashed potato and cabbage blend colcannon. Five-percent say it's the beer that makes the meal, and like, quote, "anything made with Guinness."

I also love those little salt potatoes... with butter!  Yum, could eat  a whole bowl full!  So what's your favorite Saint Patty's Day food?

Courtesy of Metro Source