There is reason to be happy the Bills are not in the Super Bowl... it is apparently bad for your heart, especially for the team on the losing end.  The Super Bowl is famous for being full of heart-stopping moments, but now one doctor says all that excitement could be deadly.  Cardiologist Robert Kloner says heart attack deaths climb significantly in a city immediately after their home team loses the Super Bowl.  The California doctor collected death certificate data in Los Angeles for the two weeks following L.A.'s loss to the Pittsburgh Steelers in the 1980 Super Bowl.  He compared that data to the two-week period after the L.A. Rams won the Super Bowl four years later and also to years in which L.A. did not play in the Super Bowl.  He found that the rate of heart disease-related death in L.A. climbed 15-percent for men and 27-percent for women during the two-week period after the Rams lost the Super Bowl.  Kloner's study is published in "Clinical Cardiology."

Courtesy of Metro Source