Yes, "Cuddle Parties" are a thing.  They are exactly what it sounds like:  adults who want to cuddle - nothing else - with strangers.  One site,, says they're designed to "explore communication, boundaries and affection".  Is this not one of the most nuts things you've ever heard???

I'm all for cuddling, snuggling, nuzzling, and the like.  But not with strangers.  That's why I have a dog.  Until I meet my someone-special, she's the cuddliest, snuggliest, nuzzliest, non-stranger around....and if and when she gets antsy, she can go in her crate (her "house" as I call it).

Try tossing a cuddling stranger in a wire cage.  See how long THOSE parties will last.

Oh, PS...Just don't ask DJ to pick the right Powerball numbers.  Clearly, as we've learned, she's no good at that.

Would you EVER go to a "cuddle party"???

;) <3, LD