Many people like to look for a simple yet creative recipe to make for a dinnertime meal.

Delilah shares such a recipe that her kids and herself both love:

What I discovered in my endeavor to make mealtime easier is a simple and creative dinner idea that my kids and I both love. Panini night! Think of it as grilled cheese grown up. If you have a skillet, a grill, or a griddle, you're set to go. Then you start with bread, something fun like sourdough or Texas toast. Brush a sliver of butter on each piece of bread and then you're ready to add toppings.

This is where it gets start with cheese, just about any kind and add from there. Cheddar cheese, ham and tomato slices are delicious when grilled together. Swap out the ham for bacon or salami for a different variation. Or turn in the cheddar for pepper jack, Havarti or mozzarella. Add thin slices of red onion too. If you like the goopy stuff on your grill cheese, add some mayo, cream cheese, or mustard. Spice it up with a seasoning salt. Your choices go on and on and on....

For a delicious low-fat option, consider grilling a BMT-turkey bacon, part-skim mozzarella cheese and sliced tomato. You can add low-fat mayonnaise and sliced purple onion for more flavor. Your kids will never look at grilled cheese the same! Even the picky eaters usually find a combination they're happy with. Enjoy designing your dinner tonight!

Do YOU have a simple and creative dinner idea that you'd like to share? Comment below!

Rachel Specht contributed to this post