Who wears short shorts?  DAD wears short shorts.

I love this man.

Last month, Utah's Scott Mackintosh was going out to dinner with his family, but he wasn't thrilled with how short his daughter's shorts were. He asked her to change.  She wouldn't.  So he did.

He took an old pair of jeans and cut them FAR shorter than any man (or woman for that matter) should wear, and donned the "Best Dad Ever" t-shirt he received for Father's Day.  Off they went to the restaurant, then mini-golfing, then for milkshakes.  The entire time, his daughter pretended it didn't bother her....until of course the pictures began being posted online with thousands of comments.

That's when she finally learned her embarrassing lesson, and yes, she IS starting to cover up a bit more.



(watch this video for more from this Dad....)