Some people have a take-it-or-leave-it attitude towards turkey. Not me. White meat, dark meat, breast meat, drumstick, it's all good to me. Even though I'm enjoying Thanksgiving dinner at my sister's [thanks, Rita Mary], I still got one of those cheap turkeys to cook up later. But of all the ways I've eaten turkey, I've never had it deep fried.

I don't know. It looks and sounds delicious. I know a few people around here are making the deep fried version this year. But I've heard a few horror stories about the hot oil causing fires. I mean, last year  State Farm Insurance did a public service film with William Shatner about the perils of deep fat frying the bird..

What? State Farm is at it again? Oh, they just took last year's film and gave it a new soundtrack?That's nice...

What? Shatner sings this year? Now there's horror;
[State Farm/YouTube]

By the bye, if you're interested in the original, you can find it here.And to be fair, both videos give important information on cooking turkeys in hot oil. Just pick the one that frightens you less...

Happy Thanksgiving!

(No William Shatners were injured in the making or re-editing of the video)