Is it just my imagination or is going on vacation stressful? Ugggggggg!!   I have +5000 things running through my mind. I always leave something behind, like my glasses. Great!! now how am I going to see?  I know there is a way to destress so here are a few that I have learned recently. Let's hope they work for my next vacation. I may just talk instead of sleeping on the whole plane ride.

1. Be packed and ready 7 days in advance.

2. Clean your home 2 days before you leave-  This means no cooking in the kitchen !!!

3. Three days prior to leaving have all travel documents, id's, passports, maps, etc in hand and ready  to   go

4. Two days before make sure the hotel has your reservations. I recently went on vacation and the hotel did not have me in the system. I was glad I printed my confirmation and they had a room to accomidate me. I kept my cool and all was resolved. I walked away with a better room than I had originally booked because of the inconveinance. Mishaps happen, don't get upset and start yelling or get a attitude