Being able to ask a question to an idol of yours is quite the experience.

In this case for Delilah, she had quite the experience herself with being able to do a live chat with her fans:

I had the neat experience of doing a live chat on Parade Magazine's Facebook page where I got 30 minutes to answer fan questions. If you missed that Q and A session, not to worry, I've posted some highlights right here...

Vi-An: What is the music you listen to on your own time that might surprise your fans?
Me: I love all sorts of music...I listen to a lot of country and a lot of new music.

David: Why do you never mention the name of the song/artist at either the start or end of the song?
Me: I do mention the names of the songs and artists sometimes, but most songs are very familiar and it just wastes my air time to do that. I try not to talk too long, as I know most folks want to hear something more compelling than "That was Wind Beneath My Wings by Bette Midler..." so I try to conserve the time I am on the air and use it to share stories or dedications.

Kandace: What is it that makes you exude such peacefulness?
Me: God is the foundation of all that I am...He is the reason I do what I do in all areas of my life.

Jovita: What inspired you the most in starting your radio show?
Me: My mom was my biggest inspiration, and my grandmother McGowne -- both very strong, very capable women who could do anything it seemed. My mom could make a bouquet out of flowers she found alongside the road, and give it to someone who was sick and it would cheer them up instantly. Both women could take a scrap of fabric and turn it into a formal gown for a prom or dance...

Carrie: Is your studio at your home?
Me: Yes, I have a studio in my farm house. I also have a bigger studio where most of my staff works a few miles away. But this way I can work from home in the evening, and make sure my kids are safe and doing their homework as I take your calls each night.

Alison: I actually have a couple of questions if you don't mind. First of all, I know you have your own little "zoo" there any animal you don't have that you really wish you did? And also, for as long as I can remember listening to you, you've always been the consummate professional on there any time you have ever become so overwhelmed with emotion from someone's story that you lost it on air?
Me: Good questions! First off, there are several animals I don't have on my farm that I wish I had. I had a raccoon when I was a child growing up on a farm and I would love another...but I really think wild animals are best left in the wild, so even though we rescued that kit when it was a baby, I think they probably belong in the wild. My zebra was born on a farm that raises them commercially for zoos and such; her mom died giving birth to her so she is a rescue too. And have I ever lost it on a listener? Oh yea! But those calls get deleted before they ever go on the air or I would lose my job!

Myrtice: how many children do you have? Any grandchildren?
Me: How many kids? 13. Twelve here and my son Sammy in heaven. Plus 5 step-children that are now grown. I have 15 grandkids and one on the way. After kids and grandkids, I have 600+ chickens, 10 horses, 4 cows, 6 pigs, 3 emus, 5 dogs, 3 cats and 1 zebra.
Daniel: What is it about your kids that make them so special to you?
Me: My kids are so unique and so beautiful in their own way. Three of my kids are biological; my oldest son is 29 and is a police officer. He is quiet, soft spoken, very settled in his spirit and FUNNY! He has 10,000 things that I love about him, and he seriously kept me alive when I was younger. I went thru so much loss, so much sadness, but because I was a single mom with a little boy to raise, I had to carry on and keep fighting. A lot of my kids have medical or emotional or mental issues but each one is a treasure and each one has such a beautiful soul...

Kim: What life advice would you give to women today?
Me: That is a whole book! Maybe 10 books! The best advice I can give to someone today is to live an authentic life and be true to who you are. So many people deny the amazing person God has created them to be and instead try to fit the mold of someone else, or who society thinks we should be -- when in reality we are each unique and special and created for a purpose.

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Rachel Specht contributed to this post