Are you tired and feel unproductive at this time of the year?

Winter is the time of year when many people get in a rut that may wear on their spirits, Delilah explains. However, there are a few ways to break free of the typical funk of winter time.

Are you stuck in a rut this winter? Well, you may be stuck in the snow, depending on where you live and for that I am really sorry! But snow or no snow, winter can put you in a funk. The shorter days spent inside can eventually wear on your spirit and make you tired. And those feelings can transfer to your family members. A happy parent makes a happy home, so you can imagine the opposite is also true.

What do you do when you're tired and you walk into a family slumping on the couch zoning out to television or cell phones? You muster up every last bit of energy in your over-burdened body and get your family (or friends) up off the couch and on your way to do something fun. And by fun, I mean do something interesting that breaks routine.

Take your kids to a children's museum or to the library and find indoor fun. Or, embrace the chill and go to an ice skating rink! Even if you can't skate, you should get out there and do your best. You might surprise yourself, and your kids might need a good laugh (at your expense) anyway. Go to an indoor play gym or rock wall and let your family climb, run, jump and play into some of that hidden energy.

Or stir up the pot right at home. When was the last time you popped a big bowl of popcorn and sat down as a family in front of a movie or for game night? Invite another family over to play because social interaction may perk things up a bit. We tend to hibernate more in cold weather so invite your friends or cousins over and let the bear cubs play!

What do YOU do to break out of your winter funk? Comment below!

Rachel Specht contributed to this post