I'm pretty excited for Wednesday night. You get to hear Delilah every night on Joy FM, and now you can meet her. It's even exciting for radio dorks like me. It seems like I've been around Delilah my entire career, and I'll finally get to meet her in person.

When I started in radio a few years back (OK, more than a few...), the station I worked for part-time in Rochester had this woman on named Delilah. I had no idea who she was; I was just a kid straight out of college. I remember a playpen that sat outside of the studio window. That was for her oldest child, Shaylah, who has to be around 18 years old by now.

We were never there at the same time, so I never got to meet her. But now, she's a superstar on national TV programs like Oprah.  I was so excited when I came to Joy FM last year to find out I would have a reunion of sorts with Delilah.

Can't wait to see her -- and you -- Wednesday night.