As children, many of us looked forward to the magic phrase: snow day! As adults, we may even secretly hope for a snow day when we see snowflakes outside our windows this winter. However, a recent survey conducted on behalf of Nestle Sno-Caps found that nearly half of Americans believe snow days are a thing of the past because technology allows you to stay connected to work, even from home.  The truth is snow days are still very real for people in many parts of the country and the Nestle Sno-Caps Snow Day survey revealed some interesting findings.

According to the survey, the majority of Americans (79 percent) have experienced a snow day when they were unable to go to work, school or other activities because of the snow. And most of us like to take full advantage of snow days: 4-in-10 Americans admit there have been times when they could have gone to work, but didn't because it was declared a snow day by their company.

Top five findings from the Nestle Sno-Caps Snow Day survey:

  1. 23 percent of Americans said they enjoy shoveling snow versus 17 percent who'd prefer to go skiing or sledding! In fact, men (26 percent) would rather shovel snow than make a snow man, which is preferred by women (31 percent).
  2. Women are far more likely to read a book during a snow day than men (18 percent). Also, women are 27 percent more likely to cook or bake during a snow day than men.
  3. While Americans in the Northeast are most likely to have experienced a snow day, surprisingly 81 percent of respondents from the South had also experienced a snow day. Additionally, of those surveyed from the West, 58 percent have also experienced a snow day.
  4. Most respondents (81 percent) prefer to stay indoors during snow days. The top three activities are reading books (56 percent), watching old movies (45 percent) and cooking & baking (44 percent).
  5. And, sadly, it seems the excitement surrounding snow days wears off the older you are.  Those older than 35 are 58 percent less likely to look forward to snow days as much as they did when they were younger.  However, women are 19 percent more likely to look forward to snow days as much as they did when they were children compared to men.

Courtesy of Newswire