While going through the main events of life, people tend to overlook the little things that also hold an importance.

It's the little things that help strengthen and maintain joy in your life.

My daughter, Delilah Jr., is 5 years old and every day I get a kick out of the things she says and how she perceives her world. Before school let out for summer, her teacher told me this cute story about how the class was taking turns sharing what their moms and dads do for work. When Miss Tracy got to my daughter, Delilah stood up and proudly shared that her mommy gathers eggs from chickens, washes them up and gives them away to people. Completely oblivious to the fact that I’m on the radio each night, Delilah Jr. envisions my biggest, most important job in my day is collecting the eggs from our chickens and giving them away. Love that!

I love my job on the radio but I also enjoy doing simple acts that bless people like giving them farm fresh eggs, so Delilah Jr. is right – it is one of my most important jobs. Because it is something I can do on a personal level that makes people happy and it makes me happy too.

Make some time to do something that’s important to you. Whether it’s a skill, a hobby, volunteering, fitness, cooking, gardening, singing, crafting, reading, or washing chicken eggs...do something that strengthens you and sustains your joy of life insomuch that people, even your children, take notice....


What is something that YOU take the time out to do that holds importance in your life? Comment below!

Rachel Specht contributed to this post