Are you done Christmas shopping yet? I'm finally finished. You're probably thinking, 'finally?' it's so early but, I also went out a million times already because every SINGLE TIME that I go out to get presents for everyone else I seem to do this...

I never shop throughout the year and rarley buy gifts for myself and of course I seem to want to buy EVERYTHING for myself during my Christmas shopping days. So, I end up blowing all the money that I bring on myself and make no progress on crossing off any items on the list I'm supposed to be getting done. I bet I bought more stuff for myself actually now that I think of it, than everyone else combined. I didn't really need to buy that $100 watch and $80 sneakers.

When we were talking about it this morning, Laura says she's guilty too but she buys small things. "One for them, two for me. But, it's just small things. It's not like I buy them a pen and me a microwave".

The only person that probably doesn't do that is Santa. So, when I saw Santa this weekend I told him to get out of the chair and why don't you let me sit down, sit down on my knee and tell me what YOU want my jolly friend. He did. That is the picture we took above with a JOY listener.