Yesterday, Rose McGowen lost her cool on Instagram when someone "accused" her of looking like Michael Jackson in a photo she posted. She full-on engaged with some jerk who felt it necessary to attack her from behind the digital shield.

(WARNING: Some pretty NSFW language audio, but just so you know, there's salty language.)

This hit particularly hard at home to me, because just yesterday, I shared the Derek Jeter #Re2pect post on my own, personal Facebook page.

A good friend unleashed a really long RANT about why he shouldn't "HAVE" to show respect, calling Jeter "just a ball player" and saying that he's never cured cancer, traveled to save a kitten and other feel-good fuzzy things.

Being the sarcastic one that I am, I simply replied that he HAD in fact done those things, he just doesn't brag about it because he's just that awesome. ;)

Then MY OWN BROTHER jumped in and tossed in all of the great things Jeter HAS done through his Yankees career, including not doping, not being scandalous and having a successful foundation for kids.

To THAT, ANOTHER rant from the original friend, telling my brother to "crack a book" and be more educated about where HE was coming from...yada yada yada.

At that point, I deleted the whole damn thing. How ridiculous for two grown men to get into a stupid, back-biting argument about a 90-second commercial about one of baseball's winningest players and his retirement. Honestly.

Have you ever lost a friend over a Facebook rant? Ever un-friended or been un-friended? And, why, oh why, if you feel so passionate about something, do you hide behind social media to start a legitimate fight?

It's just social media, people. Can we just relax and get along???