Are you listening Laura and Heather?!

Everyone loves dogs. I love my dog. But some people go a little too far.

How many of these things are you guilty of? If you say at least half, you might be addicted.

Let's see how many I'm guilty of too.

1. You talk to your dog when no one is around. (Guilty!)

2. You are pretty sure your dog is actually a person.

3. You have multiple nicknames for them.

4. You refer to them as a member of your family. (Guilty!)

5. You stare at your dog while it sleeps because it's so cute.

6. People think you talk about them too much.

7. You take your dog on vacation with you.

8. You don't hang out with people because you don't want your dog to be alone.

9. You celebrate their birthday every year.