A few weeks ago my son, Ryan,  came home from school with an assignment to interview a veteran.  So we made a call to "Gramps", and set up the interview.  Ryan had a list of questions, and Grandpa John had all the answers.  I sat and listened as Ryan asked Gramps how he ended up in the army?  The answer, he was drafted... Gramps went on to explain what that meant.  The following questions had to do with which branch Gramps served for, training and whether he was in combat.  Gramps was in the Army, trained at Fort Dix for hand-to-hand combat.  There was talk about bayonets, reveille (the bugle wake up call every morning) and discipline.  Gramps served in the army from 1952-54, and spent six months of that time in combat in Korea.  One of Ryan's questions was, what was the hardest part of being in combat?  I was surprised by the answer, Gramps said "being away from family and friends."  Finally, Ryan asked if there was anything good about it?  Gramps answered, "yes...  we helped the Korean people be free."  I learned a lot just listening that night, and am so happy I was witness to my son's homework assignment.  I found out a few things about my dad that I would have never had known... and all we had to do was ask. 

Thanks Dad, and to the many other servicemen and women who have put their lives on the line for our country. 

What's your story?  I'd love to hear about your veteran!