When I walk into someone's home, and I see this, it makes me cringe.

I get it, some people prefer you take your shoes off when you walk into their home.  But I hate it.

Don't get me wrong....I'm not anti-no-shoes.  I LOVE to go barefoot...especially in the summer.  Toes in the grass...one of my favorite sensations.

But if I'm invited to someone's home for say, a cocktail party, my footwear is an integral part of my outfit! And you're going to ask me to leave the cutest part of the ensemble at the door?  And then I have to walk around like an 8 year old?

Of course, I comply....I respect other people's homes.  But....deep down, I'm thinking "If I knew I'd be showing this much sock, I would've chosen a different pair...."