In case you missed our conversation earlier, I defended Lindsay Lohan.  She was interviewed the other day and had a WEIRD combo of accents. Thought she's lived in England for a couple years, it's not a British's like Irish and Russian.  Or Australian and Scottish.  Or something.

She says it's because she's in the midst of learning many languages, so between French, Russian, Turkish, Italian and Arabic, it's all a hodge-podge of accents coming out.

I sympathize with her. Because I, too, am subject to picking up people's accents almost IMMEDIATELY.  I've done it my whole life, and frankly, it's a bit embarrassing!

Does this happen to you?  As it turns out, it means you're quite a good person.  Psychologists say we do it to "mimic" the other person in empathy. It comes from "an inbuilt urge of the brain to 'empathize and affiliate'."

That makes me feel slightly less embarrassed.

I found this article particularly interesting, as it says it's more common than you think, and that surprisingly, musicians are more susceptible. I'm no Madonna, but music has been an enourmous part of my life since about birth...I was surrounded by it since I was a child, was a dancer from age 3 to 18, started playing clarinet in 5th grade (through high school), and ta-da! ended up in radio many, MANY years later. you pick up accents easily?  It can't be just me and LiLo.....