The movie "Bad Teacher" (opening today in theatres) got us talking here at the station about teachers. We began recalling funny moments, teachers who we feared, and teachers we loved. My favorite teacher was one I had twice, and no I didn't get held back.

I had the same teacher for both first and third grades. (At least that's what they told me, lol!) I was in Mrs. Pivarski class at 14 Holy Helpers in West Seneca. I really don't remember a whole lot about first grade, but I do recall third grade. I thought it was pretty cool that my teacher already knew me, and I'm pretty sure she liked me too. I walked to school so I would stay after and clean the chalkboards and clap out the erasers. I'm sure that helped for brownie points, although at 8-years-old I was even aware of the term brown noser. Mrs. Pivarski was enthusiastic, caring and made a great effort to make sure we understood the work. She also stressed discipline. Even after all these years, she is the one teacher who comes to mind when I think back on my years in school. Teachers really can make a big difference!

Tell me about your favorite teacher?