You probably realize that tens-of-thousands of songs are released every year in the United States. The vast majority of them sell a few copies to friends and family, then disappear. But a few, a very few, make it onto the radio.

The crack music department here at The New 96.1/Joy-FM rediscovers some of those musical memories, and gives them another ride on the airwaves [boy, that sounds so Casey Kasem-like]. Case in point; this classic Top Ten hit from 1983:


Let The Music Play made it is far as Number Eight on the Billboard "Hot 100" rankings, and hit Number One on the same publication's dance music chart. It was the only Top Ten hit for Shannon [although she had a few more dance club hits over the next few years].

I checked Shannon's MySpace page, but it looks like there hasn't been any action there since the 25th anniversary of Let The Music Play a couple of years back. Her Wikipedia biography notes that she is one of the voters for the Grammy awards, and that she still performs from time to time around the world.

Did you rush the dance floor when Let The Music Play came on? Would you rush it now if some club dj went "old school" on you? Let us know, either here or on our Facebook page. And keep listening for today's lite hits on The New 96.1/Joy-FM.