I have a WONDERFUL friend who happens to be a "psychic medium".  This means, to paraphrase the Bruce Willis movie The Sixth Sense, "she sees dead people."


Deborah "feels" them more than she sees them, but at any rate, she's pretty amazing at communicating with those who have crossed over. In Albany, I had her on my show once a month for over two years. She's very fun, funny and engaging...and also compassionate, caring and empathetic. We've become very close friends. And no, she's not a weirdo, witchy, loony tune...she's a regular, normal person, who has a gift.

I'm thinking about featuring her on the Joy Morning Rush -- once a month -- taking your questions by phone (I don't know HOW she does it, but she does incredibly accurate phone readings!), at no charge to you.

BUT....since this show is about you and FOR you, I only want to do things YOU would actually like to hear!  Your input is very important to me!  So...what say you?