Let's hope he does. He'll be job hunting very soon.

According to EW.com, Clark is quitting his long time berth at Metropolis' Daily Planet newspaper, disgusted with the once-proud paper's declining journalistic standards. Really.

(In the interest of accuracy, it's not the first time that Mr. Kent has left the legendary newspaper. At one point in the recent past, he worked for a prominent TV station in the city. At a couple of points in the not-too-distant past, he's been dead.Things change, and not always for the better...)

See, this is my point. Like a lot of male [and some female] children, I grew up reading comic books. Superman was Superman, Clark Kent was Clark Kent and that was that [you could say the same thing about Betty, Veronica and Archie. Or Reggie, for that matter.].

In recent years, though, most of the major comic book publishers have "updated" their characters, making them more "relevant" to a younger, more diverse readership [The Archie comics got their first openly gay character recently. Really. Who he has a relationship with, we're not sure, but...]. I understand that. But how many changes are the new writers and artists allowed? Shouldn't some things be permanent, not up for discussion?

Anyway, if Clark is walking out on the Daily Planet, what do you think he should do next? He could use some suggestions. Leave 'em here, or on our Facebook page.